Burn more Calories than you Eat!.

I have been overweight part of my adult life. At 29 years old, I had been thru 4 full term pregnancy's and 2 miscarriages, weighing in at 180 pounds. At the same time my husband and I was looking for something to purchase for fun. We looked at a convertible Thunderbird, but it wasn't right. So I decided I wanted a Corvette. My husband made a bet with me. "If I would get down to 125 pounds, he would buy me a corvette."

I started in September, 1980. It was easy at that time in my life. We had a swimming pool in the back yard and I had the motivation, "A new Corvette". Three of my best friends and I joined "Weight Watchers". I was very good. I learned that I could eat once a week with my family, and still lose weight. But mostly it was Tuna, salad and no sugar "Fudge ice cream bars". I never ate after 5:00 pm.

My 30th Birthday

January, 1981, on my 30th birthday, I drove a brand new corvette off the showroom floor. Beige with a T-top. I had went from 180 pounds down to 125 pounds. It was all in making up my mind to lose the weight.

I have gained and lost some pounds since. But I have always done my best when I made up my mind to lose. As I have gotten older, it is alot hard to lose. Medications have alot to do with that. High blood pressure, In 2004 I was diagnoised with "Diabetes". I lost some at that point. But I have been on a slow weight lose since then. I have managed to get down to the 180 that I was at in 1980. I have used every diet that there is. Low Fat, Akins (which works really good if the medications you are taking don't interfer with it) and just starving myself.

But the one thing that holds true to all diets. You have to burn more calories than you eat!. So portions are one of the biggest factors. I personally think that everyone eats way to much, (me included). Take a look at the Food Portion Comparisons that I got from my diabetic clinic. I think that realizing what the portions are, helps alot.

You have to have your mind made up to lose weight, no matter what happens in your life. It's tough and a long battle. Make short goals. Have a very good family support, but all that doesn't matter, unless you are ready for the challenge.

I was reading in Ultra Prevention: NCR.Nutrition, Calorie Ratio. You have have to have a good nutrition and less calories ratio in order to lose weight. There are so many things that you have to have on a daily basis, in order to stay health.

Education is very good when you are trying to figure out what is best for you and your life.

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