12 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Store

If you want to bring more customers into your store, you have to give them a reason to come in. And there is no better way to provide that reason than a personal invitation throught the mail.

Here are 12 ways to make that invitaiton a special invitation. And you can easily and inexpensively put those ideas to work in yur store.

  1. Hold a private sale
    Show appreciation of your best customers by inviting them to a private sale. The sale can take the form of an extra discount, or a chance to get sale prices a day before everyone else. Good customers not only appreciate the exclusivity, they take you up on it.

  2. Hold a drawing
    "Win a Free ________." Fill in the blank with anything you sell. For a chance to win, a customer fills out a form and drops it into a fishbowl. THis brings people into your store, and helps you expand your mailing list for future promotions. To make it easy, you can let customers use business cards to enter.

  3. Mail Often
    Most professional marketers say that any mailing program takes time to build momentum. That is why you want to mail regularly and mail often. Your mailings can be fun and involving. A travel agent, for instance, can mail picture postacrds from exotic locations every month. A fabric store could send swatches to customers as new patterns come in. The more you mail to people on your mailing list, the more top of mind you become.

  4. Start a birthday or Anniversary Club
    Imagine you own a bakery. A cusotmer signs up to receive a coupon for a free cupcake on his or her birthday. About two weeks before the birthday, you send two coupons. One for the free cupcake and one for a discont on birthday cakes. Are there any special days where you store can do extra business? Build a program around these days and invite your customers to sign up.

  5. Get behind a local charity
    If there is an organization or cause in your community that is very popular, send a letter announcing that a percentage of all sales on a certain date will be donated to that cause.

  6. Send a coupon calendar
    Send your mailing list a calendar where each day is a coupon. Offer $5 off on any purchase or $15 on more one day, $10 off $50 in purchases on another. You'd be amazed at how many sales a single calendar mailing can produce.

  7. Start a store newsletter
    Feature new products, employees, ideas for using products that you sell, even upcoming sales. A newsletter can be great for loyalty and business. Existing customers get more involved with your store, and new customers do too.

  8. Guest speakers, demonstrations and seminars
    Ask a chef to demonstrate cooking with ingredients in a gourmet food store. Or ask an interior decorator to speak at your furniture store. Maybe a pediatrician could speak at a achildren's clothing store. Put together an event like this and invite everyone on your mailing list. The speaker gets exposure and you get traffic.

  9. Get an endorsement
    Is there someone in your community who is well-know and does business with you? Ask him or her to write a letter endorsing your store or a product you sell. Then send a copy to people on your mailing list with an invitation to visit you.

  10. Remind customers to come in
    "You're due for an oil change." "It's time to bring in your pet for a bath." "It's time to check your growing child's shoe size." Customers not only respond to reminders like this, they appreciate them.

  11. Hold a block party
    Get other retailers on your block or commercial strip to join forces for a block party. Bring in rides, games, clowns or other attractions. Make a big sidewalk sale part of the event. Advertise it. And before the big day, mail special offers to the best customers on your mailing lists.

  12. Start a referral program
    Ask your best customers to provide you with the names and addresses of friends and colleagues who they thnk would be good customers. Then send these referrals a promotional offer. If a referral becomes a customer, reward the original customer with a gift.

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