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8 surprising ways to get more of it

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        GOOD LUCK,

        Want a little more luck in your life? Just be on the lookout for these symbols! "Thoughout history, people have associated certain objects and animals with good fortune," explains anthropology professor Phillips Stevens, Ph.D.And today, millions of people still believe these items - or even just images of them - are sure to bring you money,health and happiness.

        catRightPaw attrach wealth
        Want more money in your life? Get a picture of a cat! It's one of the most famous symbols of prosperity in Asia, and most homes, stores and restaurants there have statues or images of cats with a raised paw, as if to "beckon" luck. THey believe a cat with a rasied left paw attracts people, while on with a raised right paw attracts money or good fortune.

        elephant bring success!
        Placed on shelves or doorways, images of elephants are thought to bring longevity and happiness to any home. The belief stems from the popular Hindu god of good fortune, Ganesh, who had the body of a man but the head of an elephant. In fact, many superstitious people in southern Asia will rub the trunk of an elephant statue before negotiating a deal, taking a test or starting a journey.

        clover keep evil away!
        While three-leaf clovers, or shamrocks, are considered lucky in most of the world, Western Europe and America prefer four-leaf clovers: Druids used them in ceremonies and believed each leaf represented one of the four elements of air, Earth, water and fire. In fact, it's said that the Celts of early Wales and IReland carried them to ward away evil spirits!

        ladyBug grant wishes!
        When you see one, count its spots: According to English legend, each one you see means a whole month of luck is coming your way! And if you're fortunate enough to have one land on you, quickly make a wish: If you do before it flies away, it will come true!

        horseshoe invite luck!
        To bring luck, nail a horsehoe over your door facing up: for protection against evil, point it facing down. Ancient fultureslinked the crescent shape with their moon goddesses and thought they had special powers.

        owl boost business!
        Because of their nocturnal vision and ability to turn their heads almost 360 degrees, owls are thought to see the future and bring good fortune. In fact, in Japan, people keep their change in "owl banks,: not piggy banks, and keep images of owls on their desks at work.

        dolphin grant protections!
        People in Greece and the Middle East believed dolphins protected ships from accidents, which is why, even today, so many ships have an image of a dolphin on them somewhere. Now, people associate dolphins with good fortune because of their innate intelligence and gentleness.

        bamboo bring good health!

        Did you know?
        Red is the color of good luck in China. The Chinese even wear red underwear at the New Year to guarantee a year of fortune and happiness!

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