New Orleans, Lousiana - 2005

    THANKSGIVING - New Orleans

    Katrina has done her damage. Thanksgiving, 3 months after the hurricane you drive down the streets that have been abandoned. You can watch the news but you can not smell the smells and see the flies and rodents. You see the water lines up to the eaves of the homes. And no one is there. It's like a ghost town.

    We stayed in a hotel in the French Quarter. French Quarter is in pretty good shape, they just don't have anybody to work, so hours in every open store is at a minimum. There is a curfew and everyone must be off the streets by midnight.

    We had bignets from Cafe Du Mond

    We walked up and down ROYAL and BURBON streets and walking to Jackson Square

    We took the Ferry over to "The Dock" for dinner.

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    One day we took highway 10 to Biloxi, Mississippi to look at the damage of the coast. We ran into two bridges that were out and we had to back track and continue on. It took us about 8 hours to make the 2 hour trip. But we wanted to witness the destruction of Katrina

    We spent most of our time in depression and crying.

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