Paris, France and Massa, Italy


November 17th, 2001
We visited Bob's brother Phil who was stationed in the Air Force there.

November 18th, 2001


First took the Eurostar to Paris
    In Paris, France we took a bus tour of
  • Eiffel Tower, climbing to the top
  • Notre Dame, taking in the beautiful architechture.
  • Arc de Triomphe, just walking the mile of shops in Paris looking at the Arc de Triomphe was just amazing.

Boarding a train in which we slept in we arrived in Torino, Italy on November 19,2001

Massa, Italy

On arriving at Massa, Italy we rented a car and went to Pisa, Italy to see the "Leaning Tower of Pisa". Breath taking! You can see all the pictures in the world, but to stand beside it and look up at the building is life changing. At least it was for me.

We walked on the beaches of Marina de Massa on the Tyrrhenian Sea backed by the Aprian Alps.

The town is known for their Italian marble. And we saw truckloads of it.
We went thru a castle up on the hill

November 21, 2001

Back to Paris and Louvre

We Toured the LOUVRE.


November 27, 2001

We saw our first Broadway play CATS in London and we have been hooked ever since. Check out some of the other plays that we have seen.


a horse racing town

met with a internet partner


We went to London and Scotland when Amber was born.

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