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      How to Select a Quality Boarding Kennel
      Pets need human interaction and consistency, say the pet care experts:

      • Visit any kennel you are considering. Stop in during business hours and ask for a tour. If you are required to make an appointment to do this, the facility may have something to hide.
      • Observe the staff interact with pet guests. Are they affectionate? Do they call the pets by name? You want to leave your pet with people who love animals.
      • Can the facility meet your pet’s needs? Is there exercise or play time available? Will the staff feed special diets? Can the facility provide a go-home fresh bath and brush-out?
      • Are vaccinations required? If not, your pet may be exposed to preventable disease.
      • What happens in case of illness? Is there 24-hour on-call veterinarian care? Is the staff prepared to handle emergencies? What are they doing to reduce the risk that canine influenza will be introduced to their facility?
      • Finally, ask for references—and check them. A good kennel will readily provide names and phone numbers of satisfied customers.

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