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    There are as many opinions as there are experts.

    Popcorn Thoughts - Poppin' fresh

    Insight comes from inside you. It takes something outside and makes it personally yours.

    1. A clogged up mind just doesn't think that it can think.
    2. A thought not caught on paper tends to evaporate.
    3. What you avoid tells you something significant. Discover the reality behind it to gain more freedom. Attack life. It's more fun that hiding from it.
    4. A hurting heart focuses on its pain. A ready mind transfers it to the brain.
    5. Don't lose your learnings. They are like little 'moments of truth' that pass us by if we are not alert.
    6. Don't let your learnings remain situational. Share them.
    7. Leverage your learning. Whether from something good or bad, your learning probably can help another along a similar path.
    8. Our role is not to control life, but to live it.
    9. Service is a smile waiting to happen. It is a pleasant surprise about to unfold.
    10. Insight comes from inside you. It takes something outside and makes it personally yours.
    11. Don't sacrifice the future by defending the past.
    12. A friend is measured more by how much you love than how much you are loved.
    13. To hop off a pity party, accumulate friends who have it off worse than you who don't grumble.
    14. Do what you like to do as an energizer to help push you through what you have to do.
    15. I choose different words now: difficult is now challenging. Weird or inconsiderate is now different.
    16. To not step over the line of judgment, stay away from guessing another's intent.
    17. Candid statement from someone who didn't like change: "Don't mess with my rut."
    18. Having many opportunities and choices can be fun when you know you don't have to take all of them.
    19. When something sparks a reaction, instead of riding the wave of emotion, take a moment to think about the thinking behind the reaction. It may be something you want to adjust.
    20. Humans are so funny. Like tomatoes, they seem tough on the outside but are soft on the inside.

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