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Puppy - Do's and Don'ts

  1. Don't play rough games that teach your puppy to use its strength against you. That means no wrestling and no tug of war.
    • Do play retrieving games, hide-and-seek or games that teach it to use its brain instead of its brawn.
  2. Don't allow your puppy to take advantage of children
    • Do supervise all playtimes with children.
  3. Don't let your puppy destroy stuffed toys, old socks or shoes.
    • Do let it chew only on the proper toys, such as rawhides teething toys or other puppy-specific toys.
  4. Don't let your puppy use its teeth on you. Correct it quickly. "Acck! No bite!"
    • Do start teaching your pup as a baby that teeth should never touch skin.
  5. Do use time-outs; they are just as good for puppies as they are for children. If your puppy gets over stimulated, stop the playtime adn give it a chance to relax. either in your lap while you give it a massage or in a crate.
  6. Don't allow your puppy to protest training or corrections. If your training and corrections are fair and kind, it should never protest any rules you establish for its behavior.
  7. Do start socialization early. Introduce your puppy to friendly people of all sizes, shapes, ages and ethnic backgrounds.
  8. Do start a kindergarten puppy class as soon as your puppy is old enough. The training and socialization are good for it and will help you teach it good manners.
  9. Do have your puppy neutered or spayed as soon as your veterinarian says it's time.

When Should You Get Help?

How can you tell if your Rottweiler is too aggressive? How can you tell you need professional help?
  1. Does your Rottie growl at you when you tell it to do something?
  2. Does it growl at you when you correct it for bad behavior?
  3. Does it try to get you to do, or not do, certain things?
  4. Has it ever bitten you or a member of your family?
  5. Is it uncontrollable when it sees certain people or other dogs during walks?
  6. Are you afraid of it?
If you answered yes to even one of these questions, you need help. Call a professional dog trainer who knows the Rottweiler breed.

American Temperament Test Society

The American Temperament Test Society was founded in 1977 by Alfons Ertelt and was patterned after existing German, Swedish and Danish mental tests for dogs. The ATTS, a not-for-profit organization, offers its test to purebred and mixed-breed dogs as a uniform means of evaluating temperament. "Temperament testing has assumed an important rule for today's dog fancier because of breed-specific legislation and negative publicity associated with many breeds of dogs" reads the ATTS Temperament Evaluation Guidelines.


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