Bad Restaurants

    • Welcome - a friendly glad you are here would be nice.
    • Acknowledgement - after about an hour, let the customer know that you are aware that they are not seated yet.
    • Seating - be aware of the customer. If they are on crutches, don't take them to the back of the restaurant for their dining experience.
  1. Waiters/Waitress
    • Take time with each customer, to be sure the order is what THEY want.
    • Listen to each customer, it is there money that they are spending.
    • Don't hurry the customer thru the meal. Most customers like to sit back and enjoy a leisurely dinner after a fast paced day at the office.
  2. Mistakes with food
    • Don't take the plate back to the kitchen. We all know the horror stories.
    • Replace what is wrong with the correct food items promptly
  3. Manager / Owner:
    • Mistakes should be acknowledged by the manger/owner as well as the waiter/waitress
    • Some kind of restitution should be made with each mistake.

butterfly are my favorite animal List of other restaurants we DON'T like:

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