Casa Blanca

casaBlanca We love to go out and relax and have a great dinner.

We had a Gazette and there was a nice article about "CasaBlanca" up on Memorial and May. It was a quite a drive, but we are always trying new restaurants.

The place was tucked back in behind the other restaurants on Memoral. A little hard to find. It seemed we were one of the very few that did find it. Again it was a week night and not very busy. Wouldn't you think that you would get good service?

Coffee was served without a spoon to stir. Why isn't it mandatory that coffee comes with a spoon, if it isn't rolled up in the napkins with the rest of the utinsels.

The menu said that it was owned by "Jimmy's Egg". Which we really love breakfast at "Jimmy's Egg"


We were hurried thru our dinner just like they do at "Jimmy's Egg". We had just gotten our appetizer and had eat about 2 bites when our entrees was served. We had to eat over our entree's, which was getting cold, while we finished our appetizers.

We also ordered a bottle of wine and the waiter brought us a glass of wine. He just cut his own sales.

If this waiter would have taken care and listened when we were ordering none of these mistakes would have happened. If they would have been busy, I might have even been a little understanding. But with one other table, everything in our dining experience could have been avoided.

The quality of the food was really food. But don't charge a fine dining price for fast food quality.

We left a note with the manager, but we have never received any kind of acknowledment from anyone from the establishment.

We will probably eat at "Jimmy's Egg", but "CasaBlanc" will not be on our list of returns soon.

butterfly are my favorite animal List of other restaurants we DON'T like:

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