Spaghetti Warehouse

It was a Tuesday night. Not a busy night for most restaurants. And this is the case in this experience. This is the last time that Spaghetti Warehouse will get any of our money.

We took Bob's mother out to eat. She has a bad back and doesn't go out very often. We walk in and most people can instantly tell that she has trouble walking.

So off we go to the BACK OF THE RESTAURANT. We pass dozens of tables that would be a much better choice for a 70 year old woman that has trouble walking. The host escorted us to a booth. I requested a table, so that it would be easier for mom to get into a chair then sliding accross a booth.

Coffee was served without a spoon to stir. Why isn't it mandatory that coffee comes with a spoon, if it isn't rolled up in the napkins with the rest of the utinsels.

Bob ordered steak and angel hair pasta with alfredo sauce. When his order comes it is slimmy looking and green things in it and smells like shrimp. He promptly asks the waiter if that was alfredo sauce and he said yes. Everyone at the table knew better. So he requested that it be changed. The waiter started to take his steak, but we stopped him. We asked for a side order of fetticinni alfredo. Guess what the was then brought to him. A bowl of ALFREDO SAUCE no angel hair pasta, no pasta at all, just a bowl of thick sauce.

The quality of the food was really bad. And it will be our last time at the restaurant.

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