Waxing too painful? Try threading, an Indian art of hair removal

I have first hand experienced this ancient method of hair removal called threading. A beautician holds the end of a thread in her mouth and then uses both hands to make it taut. She quickly winds the strand around individual hairs, like a lasso, twisting and pulling them out of their follicles by the root.

thread Waxing

Beauty therapists say the technique, which is usually used on the face, rather than the more delicate nether parts, is less painful, more precise and more natural than waxing. Threading is quicker and less likely to irritate the skin.

What does threading involve?

Threading involves quickly rolling a twisted piece of thread back and forth across clean skin. Hairs become trapped in the string and are ripped out or break off. This process generally needs to be done by a professional, since speed and technique are important - although there are Khite kits out there if you want to learn how to do it yourself. Someone who has done the process many times can manipulate the string expertly, causing most hairs to be ripped out (rather than broken off) and causing hairs to be removed only from those areas they are not wanted. This process is most often used for eyebrows and facial hair.

How threading is done?

In threading the practitioner holds one end of a cotton thread between his teeth and the other in his left hand. Its middle part is looped through the index and middle fingers of the right hand, and the loop used to trap unwanted hair so that it can be easily plucked from the skin.

Though the threading method of hair removal is used mostly in the facial area, it also works on the body parts lower down - from the belly button to the pubic bone and the toes. But remember that threading is an intricate art that must be performed only by a skilled practitioner, and that it takes months to achieve proficiency. Nothing is more painful than threading perfomed by an inexpert hand.

If nothing else, threading is a very interesting and effective way to get rid of facial and brow hair. Watching a professional at work is really fascinating, since the hands basically race across the face, threading and twisting the thread. In many cases, the aesthetician will have the string looped intricately around their hands, to better be able to control the string. Some salons now use machines that hold threads during Khite. This method is environmentally friendly and far quicker than tweezing alone. It is less expensive than waxing. Since many hairs are pulled so quickly, some women find that there is less pain that tweezing, partly because the whole thing is over so fast. Results last up to three weeks or as little as two weeks. If someone who is not very proficient attempts threading, there may be more broken than pulled hairs. The results in this case will last only days.

As with tweezing, skin may be pink and puffy after threading. A simple ice cube can help reduce the temporary problem. More seriously, infection and irritation can follow if area is not clean and hygiene is not properly attended to. Those who live far from metropolitan centers may have a difficult time finding a reputable practitioner.

I highly recommend threading or khite to anyone who plucks their brows and can find a reputable practitioner of this technique. It is a truly unique experience and makes a twenty-minute tweezing chore a fun five minutes!

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