Sluggish Thyroid

    A top doc's new plan is healing underactive thyroids - and help formerly frustrated dieters melt 20, 50, even as much as 155 pounds with ease!

      Slow Thyroid Symptoms:
    • Stubborn weight gain
    • fatique
    • poor concentration / memory
    • low-grad depression
    • bad PMS
    • low sex drive
    • muscle aches / weakness
    • sensitivity to cold
    • dry skin
    • thinning eyebrows
    • high cholesterol
    • insomnia

    All can be signs you need to have your thyroid tested by a doctor

    How's your Thyroid?

    Your thyroid sits like a two-inch bowtie over your Adam's apple "producing the hormone that keeps metabolism humming in every cell," says Dr. Hyman. "if your thyroid isn't at its best, cellular metabolism will slow - affecting your waistline and every organ, every system." Can a person be overweight and still have a perfectly normal thyroid? Yes. Even so, there are only upsides to enhancing thyroid power. Think of it as giving your calorie-burning engines added horsepower.

    Now let's say you suspect your thyroid is not perfectly normal. Head to your M.D. and get it tested--particularly, says Dr. Hyman, if you have three or more of the symptoms listed. "Over 30 million women need meds to best restore their health," the doc says. If you're one of them, think of the diet to booster your treatment. "Food won't replace a prescription, but it is very powerful medicine!"

      Nutrients to boost your Thyroid and your health:
    • a multivitamin with calcium and magnesium
      • 1 daily
    • fish oil
      • 1,000 mg supplement at breakfast, plus 1 serving seafood or another 1,000 mg supplement later in the day
    • vitamin D
      • 1,000 - 2,000 IU supplement daily
    • ZINC
      • 20 mg - 30 mg daily; you can get plenty from sources like spinach, asparagus, peas, seeds, shellfish and turkey
    • Iodine
      • 75 mcg. - 150 mcg. daily; 1 tsp. iodized salt provides 400 mcg.
    • Selenium
      • 200 mcg - 300 mcg. daily; you can get plenty from sources like eggs, chicken and nuts
      • a key "ingredient" in thyroid hormone selenium also fights arthritis and cancer!
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